Let QMI be your source for dependable, expert process piping solutions. Our highly skilled staff promises industrial process piping capabilities that are always on the cutting edge of new installation technology.

Structural Steel


QMI has the expertise to fabricate and install small scale fully functional custom steel components to meet your company's safety requirements.

Piping Installation and Fabrication Involving:

  • Air Systems
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Polished Sanitary Tubing
  • Carbon Steel
  • Fiberglass Piping
  • Storage Tanks & Pumps
  • Blend Pumps
  • Ram Material Piping Lines
  • High Pressure Steam & Condensate Piping

Structural Steel Installation and Fabrication Involving:

  • Handrail and Toeplate
  • Platforms
  • Mezzanines/Catwalks
  • Small Buildings
  • Pipe Bridges & Hanger Racks
  • Ladders/Stairs
  • Safety Gates

Industries Served:

Food & Beverage

  • Fulfilling GMP Requirements
  • Installation of CIP Skids and Piping
  • Stainless Tubing and Pickled/Oiled Carbon Steel Piping
  • Installation of Spray Dryers and Associated Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Piping
  • Installation of new distillery equipment including chilled and process water, yeast, mash, beer, wine, stillage, vapor, and product piping.
  • Installation of new brewery equipment including chilled and process water, steam & condensate, wort, and product piping,  tanks and transfer lines.
  • DI and RO water skids and associated piping
  • Orbital Welding
  • Passivation
  • Boroscoping

Project Examples

Chemical Manufacturing

  •  Installation of Tanks and Reactor Piping
  • Hastelloy, Inconel, and Monel Piping installations
  • Fiberglass tanks and piping
  • Class I, II, and III Hazardous Location applications
  • Raw Material Pit Piping and Pump Installations
  • Truck loading and Unloading stations
  • Tank Farm transfer piping
  • Ammonia piping replacement and Upgrades
  • Filtration and Batching systems
  • Pigging Systems

Project Examples


  •  Air, Water, and Natural Gas Utility Piping
  • Installation of Cooling Tower and Stainless Steel Process Water piping.
  • Installation of Electrocoating Equipment including air, water, and process piping.
  • Installation of spot welders and utility hose drops
  • Hookups to CNC Machines
  • Aluminum Piping for compressed air service
  • Hydraulic and High Pressure Piping

Pulp & Paper

  •  Installation of Coating Kitchen including tanks, equipment, and piping for new coating process. Also installed all transfer lines to new paper machines.
  • Outage work including replacement of 304 Stainless Steel Pulp, Water, and Bleach Piping.
  • Installation of starch and bleach lines.
  • Water treatment and filtration
  • Steam and condensate process and utility piping
  • Hydraulic and High Pressure Piping to rollers

Steel & Steel Processing

  •  Outages and Downturns, both Planned and Unplanned
  • Utility Installation for expansion projects
  • Hydraulic and High Pressure Systems
  • Lined Piping
  • Specialty Gas Piping Installations
  • PVC, CPVC, and Specialty Piping for Acid Service
  • Polypropylene Piping including Fusion Welding

Project Examples


  •  Installation of Process Cooling and Air Piping
  • Installation of New Utility Mains for Building Expansion
  • Machine Hookups following setting of Injection Molding Machines
  • Installation of Vacuum Piping from Pellet Feed
  • Heat Exchangers, Tower Water and Process Water systems.
  • Material Handling Silo installation and transfer piping
  • Fabrication and Installation of Hot Oil Piping Systems.

Industrial Utilities

  •  Boiler Replacements
  • Chiller Demolition and Installation
  • Cooling Tower Replacements
  • Raw Material Piping
  • Steam & Condensate Piping
  • Chilled & Condenser Water Piping
  • Above Ground Natural Gas

Project Example

Packing & Packaging


  • Installation of Stainless Steel Glue Piping and Carbon Steel Air Piping to New Machines
  • Ink Lines to new machines
  • Product and utility hookups to bottler.



  • Installation of High Pressure Steam mains, piping, and condensate to Accumulator and Plate hookups at press
  • Resin Piping Mains and hookups
  • Coil Replacement at Ovens