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Why QMI?

At QMI, we stand by our work – proud to have been providing first-rate and process piping solutions for more than 30 years. When a focus on exemplary customer service goes hand in hand with solid experience and industry know-how, it's easy to list our accomplishments. 


 We consider ourselves one of the industry's finest, and we're confident that you'll say the same after working with us. Take a look at what our customers are saying...

Industry references

New Riff Distillery


 Installation of process OD stainless steel sanitary tubing associated with fermenters, pumps, cooler, cooker and still house. Compressed air, steam, condensate, chilled water and process water to distilling equipment. 

Sunstar Engineering


 Process cooling water upgrade with chilled water holding tank, pumps and complete piping replacement of 3” chilled water for mixers. Installation of 4” carbon steel mastic piping, compressed air and 3” raw material piping lines. New structural steel mezzanine with steps and slide gates. 

Cincinnati Milacron


 New bulk storage indoor tank farm complete with pumps, sight glasses, 3” stainless steel and 3” carbon steel truck unloading and transfer piping lines throughout the facility. Steam and condensate piping, steam unit heaters, fabrication/installation of pipe bridge. 

Marathon Biofuel


Daily, on-site maintenance improvements consisting of new piping spools, steam tracing repair, valve replacement, hydrotesting of piping systems. New piping installation of Rail Car Loading Line, methanol piping, vegetable oil, glycerin piping systems and outage plant upgrades.

Agrium USA


 Plant wide maintenance upgrades, compressed air system overhaul with new 2” stainless steel piping. Replacement of existing carbon steel ammonia piping, installation of new 2” stainless steel bleacher piping. Fabrication/installation of new structural steel piping support/stanchions. Annual shutdown service.

MANE Flavors


 Powders Addition; Installation of stainless steel supports, stainless steel chilled water, stainless steel hot water, stainless steel process drain, stainless steel compressed air for new batch rooms, processing and utility operation. 


Jumbo Lines; Installation of  steam boilers, packaged hot water skid, packaged condensate receiver skid,  packaged chilled water pumping skid, air cooled chillers, along with new stainless steel steam, condensate, chilled water, feedwater, blowdown, gas piping and vent lines.