QMI History

Since 1985

For over 30 years, Quality Mechanicals, Inc. (QMI) has led the mechanical piping industry with a trusted reputation for exemplary customer service and a skilled team of experts who care about true quality and craftsmanship.

QMI combines creative and cost-effective solutions with the latest trends and advancements in industrial piping and miscellaneous structural steel (safety related) projects. Ranging from process piping installation/fabrication and installation of small scale custom catwalks and mezzanines, to single line projects to total piping systems. Our history of success is supported by a tremendous safety record, talent, and a commitment to integrity, building lasting relationships, quality and hard work.


QMI fabricates and installs quality process piping & miscellaneous structural steel packages for all types of needs throughout the chemical, food & beverage, automotive, plastics, steel & steel processing, packing & packaging, textiles, pulp & paper, and industrial utility industries. Our high standards for service ensure efficient and safe piping & structural work that is also technically innovative and industry current.

qmi's certifications include:

State of Ohio Pressure Piping Certified

State of Ohio Licensed Boiler Contractor

State of Ohio Hydronic Licensed

State of Kentucky Boiler & Pressure Piping Certified